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geomembrane welding machine

geomembrane welding machine
Product Detailed

geomembrane welding machine
1.Awarded CE UL TUV ,CCC,EMC
2.cuts ,welds brazes and solders all known materials

geomembrane welding machineonly use water and connect electricity

Our company had 9years experience in selling this unique plasma machine and during this 9 years, we sold near 20000 units just in 1 country (Russia).

we produce the unique multifunctional plasma device for cutting (with no compressor), welding, solder and brazing (with no gas) – MULTIPLAZ 3500.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 utilises patented plasma technology to weld and solder all common metals: steels, cast iron, copper, aluminium etc and cut through almost all known materials with ease including concrete and ceramic tiles.


MULTIPLAZ 3500 can also be used for separating, gouging, hole-making, perforation, local heating, melting. 

1,cut+weld+braze+solder machine+Etc.
2.Normal water for cutting and 45% alcohol for welding .

3.New concept ,cost effective ,no gas ,no attach device and environmently friendly

4.2years warranty but 10 years useful life.


In addition, there are more advantages:
• Operating Multiplaz-3500 does not require lighting as the flame provides effective illumination;
• A minimal shrinkage of the welded metal is achieved due to the fact that there are no thermal strains in the subject material because of the narrow heat preparation area;
• High quality of the weld.
• Multiplaz-3500 can operate for 24-hours / day, 365 days a year at its maximum capacity.

MULTIPLAZ-3500 advantages are based around the three basic factors:

Cost effective Multiple applications Ecological compatibility

 The weight and volume information of one pcs machine is :

Gross weight: 15KG, Net weight: 11.4 kg, Dimension: 56*32*29cm , Volume is about 0.05CBM


If you are interest you may visit our website www.multiplaz .com  

videos are available on Youtube, search for Multiplaz.


Process liquid for cutting and welding



Process liquid for welding and soldering


Water - Alcohol

Electrical Supply (single phase )


100 - 253

Supply Frequency


50 - 60

Maximum Power Requirement for network voltage 230v



Maximum Power Requirement for network voltage 115v



Welding type


Plasma and plasma arc

Plasma _ame temperature

°F (°C)

14400 (8000)

Cutting capabilities (regular steel)

In (mm)

up to 3/8(10)

Welding capabilities (regular steel

inch (mm)

from 1/64 (0.4) up to 2 (50)

Idle Voltage



Time of operation with one torch filling


20 - 30

Torch Steam Pressure

bar (pci)

0.4 - 1.2 (5.7 -17)

Duty cycle



Power Unit Dimensions (l x h x w)

inch mm

15 x 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 380 x 190 x140

Power Unit Weight

lbs (kg)

17 1/2 (8)

Torch Dimensions, (l x h x w)

nch mm

8 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/2 205 x 194 x 60

Torch Weight (dry)

lbs (kg)

2 (0.9)

Power Cable Length

ft (m)

6 1/2(2)

Torch Cable Length

ft (m)

6 1/2(2)

Maximum Cable Length w/ Extensions

ft (m)

45 (14)














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